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Germany Concert Premiere

Settling into my new home in Germany has been quite the adventure! And what better way to say hallo to Germany than a concert!

My concert premiere will take place on December 8th at the beautiful Ueberlingen Museumssaal. It is a collaborative concert with 3 other singers from the New York area. It will be a fun program of arias, opera duets, German lieder, and a few fun Christmas classics. Click on the link below for more information about the concert.

"Carmen" pictures!


Here are the many faces of Carmen. There is more to her than just sexiness. It was great to explore the character in depth and I'm happy that these pictures captures the range of emotions that she goes through in the opera.

I especially like the ruthlessness of this picture!

I especially like the ruthlessness of this picture!


Closing night of Carmen...

It is always sad when an opera that I'm performing in is over. Performing as Carmen has been a wonderful experience. I grew as a singer and as a person. To walk on as Carmen, the sexiest and most alluring person on stage, takes an incredible amount of courage and charisma. My hats off to the great ladies of the past who have put it all out there with all the gumption needed to pull it off. Especially Rise Stevens, one of the greats, who passed away on the night my first Carmen opened. The show may have closed, but Carmen lives to the end!


First Carmen performance down, 2 to go!

The place was packed and the audience loved the first performance of Carmen. It is by far the most demanding role that I've done. I was so exhausted afterwards, both mentally and physically. The role requires complete confidence and conviction in every step. I am just beginning to get a feel for what it's like to wield the power that Carmen possesses. It is both exhilarating and intriguing. 

We have a long break between shows, so more time to prepare for the next one! The upcoming performances are on April 13th and 20th. More info to come...


Role debut as Carmen with Amici Opera

It is thrilling to be preparing for my upcoming performances as Carmen. Although I've performed in the opera more than a dozen times, as both chorus and Mercedes, it never ceases to send chills up my spine upon hearing the overture or the incredible final scene.

A friend of mine who has played the role once said, "Carmen isn't just a role, she's a journey." There is profound truth to that statement. It has been quite a trip so far, and I imagine it will grow and change as my life and career does.